Predator Control


Do you have a problem with predators and want them removed to help out the prey population that you desire to hunt ? Jacks Mountain wildlife solutions offers trapping services to take care of your predator problem. The species we like to focus on are Coyotes, Red fox, Grey fox, Raccoon, Possum, Bobcat, and Skunk. All of the predators listed hear affect deer, turkey, and other small game species that hunters like to hunt and preserve.

If your and avid deer and turkey hunter then coyote, bobcat, and raccoon are the ones that need to be focused on the most. An adult Raccoon will take anything that it can get its paws on to eat and that includes new born deer fawns, but Raccoon tend to eat turkey eggs which can reduce turkey numbers. Coyotes and bobcat are the number one and number two predators for reducing fawn and adult deer numbers. Female coyotes need multiple deer fawns a week to keep their pups fed throughout the year. The deer fawning season starts at the end of April and doesn’t end till August so that’s a total of 12-16 weeks when a doe is giving birth to fawns. If a female coyote takes 2-4 fawns a week to feed her pups that’s a total of 24-64 fawns in that time period. Red and Grey fox will also take out turkey and small game species such as rabbit, quail, pheasant, and grouse.  Skunk and possum are big nest predators and will take out turkey, pheasant, and quail nests as well as other non-game bird nests.

So if you have a problem with predators on your property then trapping services can be offered to your property.