Pond Management


Water is the source to all life from deer to the smallest microbes you can only see with a microscope. The most important thing when enhancing water quality is the ph of the water. The easiest way to overcome acidic environments is to buffer them or neutralize them. The way to accomplish that is by adding limestone rock to that environment. The limestone will bring up the waters ph to a neutral level. The goal is to see a ph of 6.0-7.0 in most environments that are trying to be enhanced for wildlife or aquatic vegetation, but there are other environments with other species that require acidic environments. Also there are many different types of aquatic vegetation that can filter water to allow for better oxygen levels to enter that environment.

What recommendation and services are offered for pond management ?

  • ph testing of your pond or vernal pools
  • Recommendations for fish species if stocking fish into ponds
  • Habitat assessment
  • Vegetation assessment
  • Tree/Shrub plantings for shading ponds/vernal pools
  • Waterfowl management/ duck boxes
  • Seeding and planting of native aquatic vegetation