Tyler Heeter/Owner

Growing up in a little town of Troxelville, Pennsylvania, Tyler Heeter obtained a A.S. degree from Penn State Dubois campus in Wildlife Technology in 2013, B.S. degree in Wildlife & Fisheries from Penn State main campus, and a minor in Forestry Ecosystem Science in 2015. He is an avid hunter and trapper that enjoys being in the outdoors and educating family and friends on managing wildlife and their habitat. His family has 500 acres of mountain ground that has been successfully managed for its wildlife and timber value. Tyler has developed a passion for creating and improving wildlife habitat for many small & big games species. His favorite is the white-tailed deer. Tyler is member of the QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) and practices QDM on his families private land and has helped other private land owners achieve their goals. In addition to managing white-tailed deer through habitat, food plots, mineral sites, and buck to doe ratio, Tyler believes in predator control. Trapping is a sport that was introduced to Tyler at a young age from his grandfather. Tyler has been successful in trapping the number one predator to the white-tailed deer and that’s coyotes. Tyler’s dreams are to help improve the quality of the Pennsylvania wildlife & their habitat one private landowner at a time.