What does Jacks Mountain Wildlife Solutions bring to you as a private landowner ?

The services that are offered from Jacks Mountain Wildlife Solutions consist of Big & Small game management. Those species consist of deer, turkey, rabbit, squirrel, grouse, waterfowl, and other non-game species. Food plot design with the use of a GPS which allows us to see the acreage and shape of the plot. The use of Google Earth will allow for viewing of the property and to see where food plots, box blinds/tree stands will be placed as well as seeing boundary lines and access points. Habitat management is offered through the use of TSI (Timber Stand Improvement) through logging, thinning of unwanted tree species, and invasive species control which creates early successional habitat. Habitat management is not just the harvest of timber to create habitat, but we offer tree plantings of different species to promote habitat and to produce hard & soft mast for wildlife. We can also construct and design waterholes which will attract a diversity of wildlife to your property.

• Understanding Predator/Prey Relations
• Understanding Buck: Doe Ratio
• Understanding the importance of browse
• Understand Wind Direction
• Understanding Hard/Soft mast trees for wildlife
• Understanding Perennials/Annuals for food plots
• Understanding the importance of minerals for deer
• Understanding Sanctuaries for deer
• Understanding and estimating buck age
• Understanding doe harvest & how many to harvest
• Understanding Herd Health

QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) Practices
• Be a member
• Talk to your neighbors about best management practices
• Start a neighborhood deer co-op
• Practice QDM (Quality Deer Management)

Our Goal
• To see your goals and dreams come true on your property